Chat Assistant App: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 3)

Modified on Fri, 23 Feb at 3:04 PM

17. How to change the accent and language of Voice chat? 

This function is now fully available on iOS. However, it may be restricted to Android devices based on your country, area, model of phone, and version of Android. Please tap on 3-dots in the right corner and choose Settings >Voice to change bot's language and accent

NOTE: The availability to switch between languages and accents may vary depending on your device's model and country.

18. Where I can turn ON/OFF the read-aloud function?

From version 6.3 (iOS) and 3.3.3 (Android), you can easily turn this feature on or off by tapping on the Speaker icon located on the top right side of your screen. Currently, our reading function only supports English spelling.

19. How to gain more free messages?

Let's watch our ads to gain 2 free messages ads, and up to 20 free messages every day.

20. Why does my friend have a scan text feature while I do not? 

The scanning text button will be available on a limited list of iPhone models, please check supported models from Apple. Link here

Make sure you already turned on Live text in the local Setting

  1. Go to Settings  > General > Language & Region.
  2. Turn on Live Text (green is on).

21. How to apply my name in response to Chatbot?

Unfortunately, we don't have that automatic function. This function might collect your data and need space on our server for storage. We recommend you request the chatbot to include your name each time for specific purposes. 

22. Why cannot the Chatbot remember previous chats?

To ensure a consistent conversation flow, we strongly recommend using GPT3.5 for the time being. Please rest assured that we are continually working to improve and will soon add this feature for GPT4 in the next version.

More comparison of two model GPT:


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